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Atlas Metal Parts Industries Served

As a leading metal manufacturer, we take pride in our versatile capabilities that cater to a diverse range of industries. Our commitment to excellence and cutting-edge technology positions us as a reliable partner for your unique metal fabrication needs.

Atlas Metal Parts serves the Agriculture Industry


Major industry-leading OEMs trust Atlas Metal Parts to deliver top-quality, highly precision machined stamped parts, fabrications, and weldments for their agricultural equipment. Atlas Metal Parts manufactures thousands of parts that you see daily throughout the industry in these off-road vehicles.


Atlas Metal Parts designs parts for major off-road manufacturers that withstand the harsh and aggressive construction environment. We have stamped and fabricated parts for production runs as well as aftermarket replacement.

Consumer Goods

Atlas Metal Parts will help you increase efficiency and ensure quality while reducing the time and costs required to manufacture your consumer goods products or parts. We supply the top manufacturers in the industry from large to small OEMs.


Atlas Metal Parts provides metal fabrication and CNC services to manufacturers that supply high-quality products to the energy sector. Our robotic weld team produces parts that meets the high standards in the industry.

Food & Beverage

Atlas Metal Parts manufactures custom metal stampings and fabrications that match our customers’ exact designs and specifications. Our parts consistently meet and exceed customer expectations and industry standards in the food and beverage, food processing and dairy industries.


CAGE CODE: 7X1C7, DUNS: 825976251


  • 332119 Metal Stampings
  • 336370 Job Stamping, Automotive Metal
  • 332996 Pipe Fabricating
  • 332313 Plate Work, Fabricated Metal
  • 333514 Tool, Die Fixture Manufacturing
  • 332710 Machine Shop

FSC: 1290; 1620; 1680; 2040; 3465; 3470; 3695; 3895; 3920; 5341; 9540

Material Handling

Atlas Metal Parts manufactures high-quality metal components and weld assemblies for material handling equipment OEMs. Our focus on detail produces parts that withstand the rigid expectations of the industry.

Turf Care

Our fabricating, machining, and metal stamping capabilities allow us to manufacture engine plates, engine brackets, gearbox mounts, steering, and mower deck components throughout the turf industry. Our Computer Aided Design (DAD) system produces parts with accuracy from design through production. We have over 30 years in the turf industry producing even the most complex parts with perfect precision.

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OEM Solutions for your Supply Chain

We are a leading force in the metal manufacturing industry that specializes in delivering excellent solutions tailored to the exact needs of major Original Equipment Manufacturers.

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