The welding team at Atlas Metal Parts holds certifications for a diverse range of materials, including stainless steel and aluminum. Our state-of-the-art robotic welder ensures the production of precision welds that adhere to the most stringent specifications.

Why Atlas Does Welding Better

  • MIG/TIG Certified Welders on Staff
  • Stainless/Aluminum/Carbon Steel
  • We will Certify Procedures and Welders to your specific needs
  • Weldments 16 ga. up to 1″ Plate
  • Heavy Plate Welding/Multi Pass
  • Lighter Gauge Welding for Housings, Electrical Enclosures, Cabinets
  • Two 10 Ton Cranes
  • On Time

  • On-Spec

  • On Budget

OEM Solutions for your Supply Chain

We are a leading force in the metal manufacturing industry that specializes in delivering excellent solutions tailored to the exact needs of major Original Equipment Manufacturers.

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Atlas Metal Parts OEM Solutions