The Midwest's Leading Stamping Operation

Atlas Metal Parts provides custom metal stamping capabilities tailored to short, medium, and production runs. Our high-speed presses are ideal for crafting highly specified, high-volume stampings, while larger parts are efficiently manufactured using our robust, larger presses. Our well-established reputation as a preferred supplier to leading companies in the heavy equipment industry sets us apart from the competition.

Why Atlas Does Metal Stamping Better

  • Investment in industry-leading technology
  • Rapid turnaround and just-in-time delivery capabilities
  • Competitive tooling costs
  • Flexible design & drawing capabilities
Midwest Stamping

Atlas Offers 4 Types of Stamping

Heavy Gage Stamping

Heavy Gage

  • Blanking up to 1/2″
  • Max Bed 66×132″
  • Largest Press (2) 1500 tons
  • Material Handling: Die up to 35,000 #

Hard Transfer

  • Automatic material oiling
  • Robotics
  • Gang style configuration


  • Max Capacity 30,000 #
  • Coils 42″ wide x .118″

Deep Draw

  • Up to 8″
  • Mechanical, Hydraulic and Servo Presses
  • On Time

  • On-Spec

  • On Budget

OEM Solutions for your Supply Chain

We are a leading force in the metal manufacturing industry that specializes in delivering excellent solutions tailored to the exact needs of major Original Equipment Manufacturers.

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Atlas Metal Parts OEM Solutions