Atlas Metal Parts serves these major industries.

Combine harvesters in a field. Agriculture industries page banner image alternate.


Major industry leading OEM's trust Atlas Metal Parts to deliver top quality, highly-precision machined stamped parts, fabrications, and weldments for their agricultural equipment. 

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Front Loader in a quarry. Construction industries page banner image alternate.


Atlas Metal Parts produces parts for the major off-highway manufactures. Our parts have been proven over time to withstand the harsh construction environment.

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Person operating a red ride on lawn mower in a rural setting. Consumer goods industries banner image alternate.

Consumer Goods

Helping you increase efficiency and ensure quality while reducing the lead times in your production cycles. We strive to help our customer meet their cost targets.

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Power line silhouettes in front of a sunset. Energy industries page banner image alternate.


Atlas Metal Parts provides metal fabrication, machining, and weldment to manufacturers that service the high standard of the energy sector.

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Bottle filling machine filling plastic bottles alternate image.

Food & Beverage

Atlas Metal Parts manufactures custom metal stampings and fabrications that match our customers' exact designs. Our parts consistently meet and exceed customer expectations and industry standards.

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Aircraft Carrier arial view. Government industries page banner image alternate.


Atlas Metal Parts is active in producing stampings, fabrications, and weldments for various branches of the armed forces.

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Material handling at large factory.

Material Handling

Atlas Metal Parts manufactures high quality metal components and welded assemblies for material handling equipment OEMs.

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Golf course turf care machine on the course. Turf Care industries page banner image alternate.

Turf Care

We have over 30 years in the turf industry producing even the most complex parts with perfect precision.

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